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Coaching for Students

Student anxiety is a real issue, my skillset and personal agenda is to empower young people through coaching to have the insight to respond to emotions and experiences with strategies that lead to a more positive outcome. These emotions we experience are a natural process and there is nothing we can do to stop them, but how we respond is the key to not let these obstacles stop us from achieving our personal outcomes, whether it is developing our relationships with friends or family, trying new experiences, improving our opinion about ourselves or achieving success in our chosen areas. 

How we work

Student Insight Coaching



There is flexibility in the services Student Insight Coaching offers whether it be 1:1 coaching, to small group coaching sessions (6-8 students) or a bespoke programme to match a cohort within the school.

Generally, our programme is 7 sessions, of approximately 1 hour, using a variety of
successful coaching tools and strategies.

*Sessions will take place in the school day, they can focus on:
*Motivation and Resilience for success
*Self Image and Confidence
*Dealing with student Anxiety and Stress
*Creative Wellbeing and Mindfulness Activties
Individual coaching


The average time to form a habit is 66 days so our 1:1 coaching programme originally consists of 10 weekly sessions of 1 hour, bespoke to the individual person’s needs, as the client leads the direction of the sessions.

*Sessions can take place face to face or via Zoom (online), they can focus on:
* Focus and Awareness 
* Challenging Limiting Beliefs
*  Kindness and Gratitude
* Organisation and Direction
Group coaching


Motivational talks for groups of young people, Mindfulness Crafting Workshops –
workshops can take place for schools, sports clubs, the scout or guide association.

*Team Building Activities
*Creative Wellbeing and Mindfulness Activities




Schools, Individuals and Workshops

Organisations we have worked with

We work with schools, individuals and groups, providing student coaching and tools to manage student wellbeing. Student Insight Coaching has the experience to work with anxious new starters, pupil premium students, high achievers, students that lack motivation or are struggling with peer relationships.

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